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12.500.000Limited to 5 User. 750K/increased user
  • Customer management
    - Lưu trữ thông tin chung
    - Phân loại khách hàng
    - Chuyển chủ sở hữu
    - Chia sẻ khách hàng
    - Check trùng thông tin KH
    - Lọc thông tin khách hàng
  • Price Management
    - Quản lý báo giá
    - In báo giá theo mẫu
    - Quản lý lịch sử gửi báo giá
  • Purchasing & Sales Management
    - Quản lý đơn hàng
  • Notification
    Hiển thị thông báo tương tự thông báo Facebook
  • Customer Decentralization
    Phân cấp Khách hàng
  • Email & SMS Brandname
  • Document Management
    - Lưu trữ các file hình ảnh hay file mềm theo từng khách hàng
    - Lưu tài liệu nội bộ công ty
  • Opportunity management
    - Đánh giá giai đoạn chốt hợp đồng
    - Nguyên nhân gây thất bại hợp đồng
    - Dự tính được doanh thu
  • Custom Label
  • Mobile App: Customers; Deal; Order; Locate; Report
    Các Module trên Moblie app
  • 01 training Online


16.500.000Limited to 10 User. 750K/increased user
  • All features of Standard version
  • KPI management
    Quản lý và giảm sát KPI nhân viên
  • Management of reward points
  • Module Ticket
  • Module Automation
    SMS & Email Automation
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Customer Ratings
  • 01 training sessions (training in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)


23.500.000Limited to 15 User. 750K/increased user
  • All features of the Professional version
  • Integrated IP switchboard.
  • Click2Call, Popup, Record audio on CRM
  • Automatically transfer calls to the nearest user calling to the customer
  • Listen, call on Mobile App
  • Excluding operator fee
  • 01 training sessions (training in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)


45.500.000Limited to 35 User. 750K/increased user
  • All features of the Pro Call version
  • Project Module
  • Integrate Google Analystic
  • Integrate Email Marketing Amazon SES
  • Integrate Facebook
  • Survey Module
  • Warehouse Module
  • Integrate Zalo
  • Integrate KiotViet
  • Excluding switchboard fee
  • 02 Training sessions (training in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City)
Note: Customers should use a separate server to install software Crmviet. To ensure the security and safety. To avoid the risk of viruses or data loss due to users.
The above software price is initialization fee in the first year. From subsequent years maintenance fee is 25% of contract value


Install the software on the customer's server

Annual maintenance fee: 25% of the contract value

Can install on cloud server

Regular training at CRMVIET (Free)


Warehouse module

3.000.000 VND/ Time
  • Warehouse integration
    Import and export management
    Warehouse transfer

Project Module

3.000.000 VND/ Time
  • Project management and tracking
    Project work Scoring
    Set priority

Survey Module

3.000.000 VND/ Module
  • Create survey for customer or user

Integrate Email Marketing Amazon SES

3.000.000 VND/ Time
  • Bulk email and directly on the software
    Increase inbox rate and tracking Open Click rate

Google Analytics

3.000.000 VND/ Time
  • Integrated WebForm
    Tracking Online Marketing campaign

Integrate Facebook

5.000.000 VND/ Time
  • Integrate many fanpage
    Automatically add customers when there are comments, inbox
    Automatically update phone number, email if there is any content in comment or inbox



  • Free 5,000 VND to send a trial message


  • Registration fee is 200,000
    Account will have 800,000 VND (only registered Advertising)
    Account will have 600,000 VND (register Advertisement and Customer care)
    Every time you send a message, your account will be deducted


  • Promotion notifications, events ...
    Display Brandname
    Send at least 30 messages / time
    The message content has 122 characters / Sms

Customer Care Messenger

  • Happy birthday message, notifications
    Brandname Display
    The maintenance fee for Customer Care Brandname is 200,000 VND / month
    The message content has 160 characters / Sms

Virtual switchboard rental fee


Initialization fee
200.000 VND/ Extension
  • From 01 - 05 Extension
    01 - 05 Máy nhánh
  • 350.000 VND/ Month
    Phí duy trì


Initialization fee
200.000 VND/ Extension
  • From 06 - 10 Extension
    06 - 10 Máy nhánh
  • 700.000 VND/ Month
    Phí duy trì


Initialization fee
150.000 VND/ Extension
  • From 11 - 20 Extension
    11 - 20 Máy nhánh
  • 1.000.000 VND/ Month
    Phí duy trì


Initialization fee
100.000 VND/ Extension
  • From 21 - 50 Extension
    21 - 50 Máy nhánh
  • 1.500.000 VND/ Month
    Phí duy trì


Initialization fee
100.000 VND/ Extension
  • From 51 - 100 Extension
    51 - 100 Máy nhánh
  • 2.000.000 VND/ month
    Phí duy trì

Additional switchboard services

- Call recording fee: VND 200,000 / 10 GB / 3000 minutes / Month
- Payment maintenance fee: 12 months / time
- The above cost does not include 10% VAT
- Voice fee of Mobifone service: Internal network VND 440 / minute; external network VND 780 / Minute

Frequently questions

How does CRMVIET software install ? Use online or offline?
The software only needs to be installed on a server that can be located in the office or outsourced, you completely manage that server.

- In case of renting an external server, use online 24 / 24h

- If in the case of a server located in the office, all workstations use offline via Lan network and if they want to use online, the customer needs to prepare a static IP or dynamic domain name Dyndns (Note that the server is always must be turned on to use the software)
If you live far away, how can I support you? Is the time available 24 hours a day?
Almost all remote customers can install, guide and support via online forms: teamviewer, skype, Webinar, ... with technical staff and sales staff.
Can data from Excel be transferred to CRMVIET software?
The software supports importing customers from excel files. Just need to follow the correct form of CRMVIET and choose to import, you can put all customer information from excel to the software.
How does your software support revenue increase?
The software supports storing customer information, transaction history with customers, maybe this time the customers are not interested, but using the software, you can filter out old customers and review delivery history. Translation to continue customer care
The software has an automatic email system to support customer care, when customers need, they will automatically contact you again.
How is my data managed and secured?
The data will be placed on the customer's server so it will be completely managed by the customer, CRMVIET will not manage the customer's data, will support installing Auto Backup every day.

The software is programmed in a secure Java language (banks ... trusted), after a certain period of time, the software will automatically timeout. Browser hacking will be avoided. For better, you should install anti-virus software
How does the software help the sales team?
Helping sales staff work effectively. Do not take care of the same customer.

The software system is designed according to a tree structure diagram. The advantage of this diagram is that only management levels can see customer information, work diaries of each employee

At the same time, the software also has the same checking function according to customer information such as: tax code, email, phone number .... If a phone number has been entered into the system, when other employees enter the same number then will report duplicate ...
What is the annual maintenance fee?
The annual maintenance fee is 25% of the software value. This fee is used to maintain the software's operation
Why do you have to use it permanently and still have to pay maintenance fee every year?
Every software has an annual maintenance fee, which will include updating the new version of the software, fixing problems, and supporting the use of the software
Why is there a separate Mailchimp integration fee, I thought it should be in the package?
Marketing => Mailchimp integration is an extension of CRMVIET. Therefore, there will be customers who want to use, there are customers who do not need to use, so this cost of CRMVIET cannot be added to the cost of the packaging, but if any customer needs it, CRMVIET accumulates. case and separate charge is 1,000,000đ
Sms price is too expensive, Spam message software outside has a few dozen VND / 1 Sms
At the end of 2015, the network operators in Vietnam announced the tightening of sending advertising messages, blocking all forms of mass sending with Spam software as well as sending a series of messages via spam sim numbers.

In fact, although Sms Brandname is more expensive, businesses can gain many benefits: Displaying Business Name increases reliability, higher Click-through rate.